An Enchanting Evening - Wine Experience Art or Chemistry?

About the Hosts

Roger and Wendy Quaid brought the art of wine making back to the historic Little Italy, Arkansas community by establishing An Enchanting Evening small farm winery in 2013. They have one acre of grape vines planted on the property and they source juice from grape growers in northern Arkansas in addition to Pinot juice from family friends in Oregon. They use blends of multiple varietals to make their specialty award winning Enchantingwine varietals.

What We Will Do

You will start by doing a wine tasting in our wine tasting yurt where you will taste four different wine varietals that we carry on the property. You will have the opportunity to blend the varietals to create your personal Enchanting varietal in a glass that you will be able to keep and sip on for the remainder of the tour.
After wine tasting you will be shown the winery where we make and bottle the wine. We will explain the process and equipment we use to transform grape juice into wine. Then you will be able to go through the bottling process in which you will fill, cork, and wax seal your own personalized blend of enchanting Wine.
It would not be complete without the final step of adding the label your customized An Enchanting Evening photo frame label to the front of your bottle.

Where You Will Be

We will start the experience in the Wine Tasting Yurt doing the wine tasting and blending and then proceed to the winery to finish with the waxing and sealing of the bottles so you will get to view where we manufacture all of our wines.

Cost and Availability

The cost of the experience is $50.00 per person plus tax and must be prepaid at time of booking and is Non-refundable.
Please allow for 2 hours to complete your Wine Experience. We offer the experience while we are open during weeknds (Saturday and Sunday every 2 hours starting at 11, 1, and 3)

Book your Experience

To reserve and pay for your experience, please call us today at 501-330-2182. We allow up to 8 people to attend any given session.

Wine Varieties

  • Pinot Gris (Dry White) $18.00 per bottle
  • Enchanting Rose (Semi-Sweet) $18.00 per bottle
  • Together Again (Semi-Sweet Red) $18.00 per bottle
  • Enchanting White (Off Dry White) $21.00 per bottle
  • Frontenac (Dry Red) $21.00 per bottle
  • Enchanting Red (Semi-Sweet Red) $24.00 per bottle
  • Fortified Dessert Wine (Yum!) $27.00 per bottle
  • Wine by the glass $6.00 to $9.00 per glass
  • Red Wine Vinegar $12.00 per bottle

Wine Tasting is $5 per person. Winee tasting is free with Purchase of Bottle

Tasting Room Policies

  • No Smoking allowed in the tasting room (Ashtrays provided outside)
  • No pets allowed on the premises
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Must be 21 or over to taste/purchase wine (Anyone that does not look 40 years of age or over will need to show proof of age)